Constellation Farm is growing over 50 different crops this season!  Because of our size we can experiment with forgotten varieties, which helps bring back some of the flavors and diversity missing from our modern diet. We always try to pack in as much color and diversity as possible- beans from Constellation will most likely be a mixture of green, yellow, and purple, beets will be golden as well as red, and carrots will be rainbow-ed.  We're inspired by the food we eat while traveling-- both in the US and abroad-- and we try to bring a little of what we've seen and liked to our market stand-- green eggplants from Thailand, chiles ready for roasting from New Mexico, ivory garlic braids stuffed with flowers from Italy, round striped summer squash to be stuffed with rice- a specialty in Guatemala. Come find us and experience a diversity of tasty flavors. 

Eat your vegetables (especially the rare ones) and support Constellation Farm!


Find our produce at :



Olympia Farmers Market  

Olympia, WA

Saturday, Sunday






Chehalis Farmers Market

Chehalis, WA