Constellation Farm is where to go to get that good good color palette and diversity of tasty flavors!

Our greenbeans, carrots, and cherry tomatoes will always be rainbow-ed.  ðŸŒˆðŸŒˆðŸŒˆ

Throughout the season we’ll stive to always have head lettuce, garlic, rainbow carrots, kale, and herbs like cilantro and dill. As the seasons change, we will rotate in favorites like rainbow cherry tomatoes, basil, radishes, rainbow greenbeans, zucchini, sweet corn, peppers, and winter squash.

We're inspired by the food we eat while traveling-- both in the US and abroad-- and we try to bring a little of what we've seen and liked to our market stand-- green eggplants and basil from Thailand, bright cosmos and marigolds from Bali, chiles ready for roasting from New Mexico, ivory garlic braids stuffed with flowers from Italy, round striped summer squash to be stuffed with rice- a specialty in Guatemala. 

Come find us and experience a diversity of tasty flavors. 

Eat your veg and support Constellation Farm!


Find our produce at :



Olympia Farmers Market  

Olympia, WA

Saturday, Sunday






Chehalis Farmers Market

Chehalis, WA