Constellation Farm (established in 2011) is co-owned/operated by Jonathan Breger and Lauren Schreiber.  When we met through friends in California at age 19 (one from VA interested in psychology, surfing, and buddhism and the other from IN interested in art, music, and literature- GUESS WHICH ONE IS WHICH 😂) we never thought all these years later we would be TOGETHER and we surely didn't foresee operating an organic vegetable and flower farm in Washington. But it makes perfect sense.

We often get asked how we came to name our farm Constellaion- this is why: farming is many things to us-- it is a connection to the land and to the wild things around us, it is an opportunity to enjoy conversation with those dear to us and new to us, it is a vessel that enables us to put our economic, environmental, and social ideals into practice, it allows us the freedom to be creative and to use our talents in the ways that we choose, and it gives us the satisfaction of making a living from our backyard. Just like a constellation is drawn from the make-up of individual stars, so is our livelihood from the many connections, people, and interests that farming draws together.

Although this work can be backbreaking and at times can feel (very!) impossible, we feel extremely lucky to be able to do what we do. Please be assured that when you buy produce from Constellation Farm, you are directly impacting our lives.

We thank you for it.